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So this week is my Easter week off from work and have spent a few days in and around Glasgow taking the few odd photos here and there. Monday was spent at the Cathedral (next to the Necropolis) which was ok but i didn’t explore the place as much i’d like to have and most of my interior shots didn’t look as great on my pc as they did on my camera display, so that was a let down. However i went into the Necropolis and wandered around there for the first time ever. I can’t believe it has taken me until now to look around that place. It’s a haven from the busy streets and you get lovely view for miles.

The day after i was wandering around the streets for a short while just trying to capture some urban shots but didn’t get an awful lot of photos, just a few good ones outside the subway at St. Enoch Square.

Yesterday (Thursday) i decided to hope on the subway and try to get as many photos at each stop. This didn’t go to plan as i only made 2 stops before walking all the way back to the city centre from Kelvingrove Park. I went to Govan first to get a photo of the Riverside Museum and then to Hillhead, a wander through Ashton Lane then to the park. I also visited the Kelvingrove museum for the 1st time ever. I didn’t take to omuch time there but i’d like to spend a few hours some day looking at all the exhibits.

I have processed some photos from my excursions but have a few more to do. A few are already uploaded to my Flickr page so please check them out and be sure to look out for new photos which i will upload soon.

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