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Again i had a chance to work with local band The Face On The Moon on location at The Vale in Glasgow. They were doing a live set with support from another local band Athenas Army, who were incredible, and really set the stage for TFOTM. I didn’t get any shots of Athenas Army because since they weren’t my clients, i didn’t want to dive in and start shooting without any permission. It’s a tricky area when shooting support acts because even though i might do it in order to get some practice shots before the act i’m supposed to shoot get on the stage, permission has to be granted and the band will think you’re doing some promo shots for them and will no doubt want copies and it just gets all confusing. The way i do it; i’m only there for my clients and my clients alone. If however a support act want some promo shots, i’d like to think that some work may go my way in the future if they are happy with what i provide, so i don’t mind shooting for that reason. Plus i wasn’t getting paid to shoot the support act that evening and i’ve stopped doing freebies. My client might tell me to get in there and start getting some shots of the support act but nope. Ain’t happening. I’m getting off subject here…

Since i shot at The Vale earlier in the year, i knew what to expect in terms of lighting conditions and best spots for particular shots, however this time around the floor was jam packed full of people so it was hard trying to maneuver my way through the crowd in order to get some shots. That was only a minor inconvenience compared to being unable to get control of my camera properly. I know i said i knew what to expect but i had great difficulty with my camera the whole night due to the light. I had aperture opened all the way, ISO cranked up but not too high and tried to shoot with a reasonable shutter speed but it was just too slow. I even had to adjust white balance to get things moving, which helped, but my camera was still lagging. I think i need to watch some tutorials on concert photography and maybe shell out for a f1-3 zoom lens.

The night wasn’t all bad if i’m honest. It threw in a couple of variables i wasn’t expecting such as the crowd and thinking it was going to be easy just because my first outing was successful, but i will take these and learn from them for next time which will be done at a new venue and one i haven’t been to before. I think i’ll scout the location beforehand as i have a few weeks until the event.

Results of the night can be found on the band Facebook page located here

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