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So last week was doing photography for local band The Face On The Moon at Ivory Blacks in Glasgow last week as they were launching their debut album “Shelter (cover designed by my good self) who were being supported by All Suns Blazing.

The night was pretty much as success all round apart from my camera seizing up every time i tried to take one too many pictures in one go which was annoying, but everything else was great. I bought a new camera bag earlier that day for the purpose of carrying all my gear whilst shooting which was perfect, i was using my f1.8 35mm prime lens most of the night which was ideal for lighting conditions and the lighting at the venue itself was great, not immersed in total darkness and not flooded with too many lights. What a music venue should be.

The only thing that is becoming a bit annoying is spending money on business cards and not getting the benefit from them. Well saying that, one time a girl who worked behind a bar of another venue used one of my cards to access my site and complimented on my work which was a good feeling, but over the last few shoots i have placed my cards along the bar of the venue (with permission of course) and by the end of the night, either they’re just tossed around on the ground or used as beer coasters. I’m not expecting each of the cards i use to be gone by the end of each night but it’s like i’m fighting a losing battle to get myself recognised.

But saying all that, I decided to try and get myself out there once again and get stuck into concert photography as it’s a thing i thoroughly enjoy doing along with my urban/street photography when i have some free time on my hands. I do enjoy trying to get some nature shots but i feel i can’t do it any justice so i’m sticking to what i feel i’m better at. Anywho, i placed an ad in Gumtree so hopefully more work will come my way.

If you would like to see the results of last week or indeed anything before that, please check out Flickr, and 500px and indeed The Face On The Moon’s Facebook page.

Thanks for reading.

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