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DSC_0004-2resizeI know that a few months have passed since this particular job but i feel like jotting down how i found the experience.

Anyway, once again i had the opportunity to shoot for local band The Face On The Moon at Glasgow’s Ivory Blacks. This was the first time setting foot in the place so i wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of layout, lighting etc. so i was  a bit nervous about it all. However after a massive learning curve from a previous shoot, which was an utter disaster, i had purchased a new lens to combat low lighting, so i think i was ready for whatever was going to be thrown at me.

Upon entering the venue, i couldn’t have been more happier. To me this was going to be my first shoot at a “proper” music venue. I say that because it had the raised stage, photo pit, loads of lighting gear…everything you’d expect from a place where musicians perform. I tell a lie, there wasn’t a photo pit as such, just in front of the stage there was a small corridor where all the cables for all the speakers and instruments ran, so it wasn’t ideal for walking around in, but in front of the small space was a barrier and i spent most of my time there which was ideal as i had a good view of the band members at the front from there and for the drummer, all i had to do was walk up a tiny flight of stairs and get up close and personal.

Two bands played before TFOTM and this gave me some time to get my settings right, get a feel of how the lighting was going to be and ideal spots for photos. When TFOTM played, there seemed to be sufficient lighting on the centre, right side and the back but on my left, there was red light and the bassist seemed to be in the shadows throughout the gig. It was tricky to get some shots of him fully exposed to light but the red light which was behind him did produce some not bad shots which i’m quite happy about.

Overall the night was great from my point of view as a photographer but also it was a great venue to see some live music. I’d gladly take on another job there in a heartbeat. Results of the gig can be primarily found on TFOTM’s Facebook page which can be found here

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