I know i do this all the time but i promise to get back to doing some shots and uploading very soon. Work has been taking all my time away from me, that and my other hobby but that’s for another time, and it seems i can’t get the chance to get out with my camera. I did spend a day with the camera a couple of months ago but only managed to upload 1 or 2 photos from that day to my Flickr page. As for the concert photography, that has completely dried up and can’t seem to get any work at all. Any related stuff involves logo designing but it’s not what i want to do with my time. My aim was to get into concert photography and that’s what i want to focus on…as well as my personal shots during my free time of course.

Over the very short time i have done photography, around 4 years (well technically 6 years but it has been 4 years since doing client work), there has been moments when i have felt like throwing in the towel, to put the camera down once and for all and just forget about doing it ever again. I’m sure other photographers have felt that way at one point or another. It’s a perfectly natural thing to feel whenever there is creative block or if hardly any work comes your way despite doing all you can to drum up business. This has happened to me very recently but i promised myself to keep going no matter what. Why? Well i have spent years pursuing this hobby/part-time career and it would be a huge waste to throw away all the effort, practice, research, learning, time and money. Yes, money, which has went on […]

I know it has been a long while since my last post but I aim to fix that. I haven’t done much camera work since May when I done a promo shoot for a music duo which went well but since then I haven’t done any photo work or personal shots. I’m on the edge of maybe attending the Resonate gaming event in Glasgow at the end of the month but we will see how I feel. For now I will revisit Photoshop and do some tutorials to get more familiar with the program.

So this week is my Easter week off from work and have spent a few days in and around Glasgow taking the few odd photos here and there. Monday was spent at the Cathedral (next to the Necropolis) which was ok but i didn’t explore the place as much i’d like to have and most of my interior shots didn’t look as great on my pc as they did on my camera display, so that was a let down. However i went into the Necropolis and wandered around there for the first time ever. I can’t believe it has taken me until now to look around that place. It’s a haven from the busy streets and you get lovely view for miles. The day after i was wandering around the streets for a short while just trying to capture some urban shots but didn’t get an awful lot of photos, […]

So last week was doing photography for local band The Face On The Moon at Ivory Blacks in Glasgow last week as they were launching their debut album “Shelter (cover designed by my good self) who were being supported by All Suns Blazing. The night was pretty much as success all round apart from my camera seizing up every time i tried to take one too many pictures in one go which was annoying, but everything else was great. I bought a new camera bag earlier that day for the purpose of carrying all my gear whilst shooting which was perfect, i was using my f1.8 35mm prime lens most of the night which was ideal for lighting conditions and the lighting at the venue itself was great, not immersed in total darkness and not flooded with too many lights. What a music venue should be. The only thing that […]

Due to the never-ending bad weather, I haven’t been able to get out and about with the camera but I’m hoping to change that soon by exploring some new places and may be some photo jobs. However this won’t be happening for a while yet. Until next time.

A merry Christmas and a happy New Year from me.

Again i had a chance to work with local band The Face On The Moon on location at The Vale in Glasgow. They were doing a live set with support from another local band Athenas Army, who were incredible, and really set the stage for TFOTM. I didn’t get any shots of Athenas Army because since they weren’t my clients, i didn’t want to dive in and start shooting without any permission. It’s a tricky area when shooting support acts because even though i might do it in order to get some practice shots before the act i’m supposed to shoot get on the stage, permission has to be granted and the band will think you’re doing some promo shots for them and will no doubt want copies and it just gets all confusing. The way i do it; i’m only there for my clients and my clients alone. If […]

I know that a few months have passed since this particular job but i feel like jotting down how i found the experience. Anyway, once again i had the opportunity to shoot for local band The Face On The Moon at Glasgow’s Ivory Blacks. This was the first time setting foot in the place so i wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of layout, lighting etc. so i was  a bit nervous about it all. However after a massive learning curve from a previous shoot, which was an utter disaster, i had purchased a new lens to combat low lighting, so i think i was ready for whatever was going to be thrown at me. Upon entering the venue, i couldn’t have been more happier. To me this was going to be my first shoot at a “proper” music venue. I say that because it had the raised stage, […]

I know it has been a while since my last update but i will be adding more stuff to my gallery very soon plus an update to my blog about my shoot at Glasgow’s Ivory Blacks which happened a couple months back and an aftermath of a shoot i will be doing tonight at The Vale. If it will be the same as the last shoot done there then it’ll be a blast. Again i will be photographing local band The Face On The Moon and as always, another act will be on to support TFOTM but i will be observing only.