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I haven’t done anything new after the New Year, well except for a quick trip to Glasgow which proved rather pointless, but i decided to try something new until i can really get out and about when the good weather returns. I was given a freebie temporary magazine subscription because i play the People’s Postcode Lottery and one of the subscriptions was digital photograpy, so naturally i opted for that. It was either that or cars as the rest didn’t appeal to me whatsoever but cars seemed the more interesting of the bunch after photography even though i know very little about cars. Anyway the magazine was full of useful info for a beginner like me and it also contained some photoshop tutorials, not only to make a photo look more presentable but tutorials on how to give photos a completely new look. So i decided to dabble with a […]

I know i said i’d be posting stuff up by now but with all the recent bad weather of snow, wind and rain, i just haven’t had the heart to go wandering with the camera. If it was only cold then i’d have no problems getting out and about but i don’t fancy getting soaked in the process. But saying all that, that simply means i have nothing new to showcase for now but i may just take a trip to the Riverside Museum on Thursday where i’ll be indoors all of the time. Also in other news, i’ll be doing some more gig photography for local band The Face on the Moon at The Vale bar in Glasgow on February 14th and there may be a couple more shoots to do in april and may but i’ll let the band decide on that. Anyway, if i do go out […]