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Back on Saturday, August 16, i attended a small concert for the sole purpose of taking photographs at Shadow Sound at Glasgow city centre, which is a first for me as i never done anything like it before. Now, where do i begin? Well before i start about my experience, i just have to mention that the bands (headlining were “The Face On The Moon” and supporting them was “Thank the Boy” and “Cloud of Starlings”) were amazing. Only one cover of a song was played by Thank the Boy and the rest of the songs played throughout the duration from all 3 acts were originals and were all fantastic. Now to begin. Well i should mention the venue as it was something i did not expect when i turned up. As i said, the gig was held at Shadow Sound and i didn’t expect the place to have an […]

If you haven’t already noticed, i’m now selling digital downloads of my photos over at Etsy. What does that mean? It means you can purchase a full size download of my photo to be used as a desktop wallpaper or even printed and hung in the comfort of your own home. You can even submit it to an online printing company who’ll do all the work for you. All prints are priced at the store and can be bought using card or PayPal. Feel free to stop by my store where i have a handful of prints ready to be downloaded and with alot more to follow. Etsy store

This Saturday (16 August) will be the first time i’ll be participating a concert to do some live photo shooting for the band “The Face On The Moon”. I’m learning all i can before the shoot such as the do’s and don’ts, etiquette etc. The venue will be held at Shadow Sound in Glasgow, just for those who live nearby, and it’s £5 entry. I’ll update this when i’ve finished the shoot with my thoughts.